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Moral Obligation In Literature

As a result, Michael is physically able to save the girl.

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This is because whether she ought to clean her room is dependent on conditions about her and me.

Some religions hold that the treatment of corpses affects the person whose body it was, but most people recognize the moral rule that they ought to treat human corpses with respect even if they do subscribe to such a belief.

Those founded on a natural right; as, the obligation to be charitable, which can never be enforced by law. My main reason for wanting to use a pseudonym should I get published is that I am protective of my privacy. GR was seen as a subspecies of responsibility that was biased toward certain relata and conceptual dimensions. Our interactions with others through this framework is consequently procedural and by design, impersonal. We are consistent and dependable, always striving for precision and accuracy in the true spirit of science.

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