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Golf Club Health And Safety Checklist

All personnel using such equipment shall undertake appropriate training before being allowed to use the equipment.

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Rakes, ball washers, benches, divot boxes and sand bottles have been removed in order to eliminate common touch points.

The golf club and health safety checklist provided for golf club prior to all aspects in line. Check with your supplier to ensure that your machine complies with current safety standards. When entering a room or area to be searched, stand quietly and listen carefully.

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Ensure that the Building Warden is advised. Complete the injury register.

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Try to avoid hitting objects other than the ball. In the checklist so many of the season.

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Employee Resources

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Isolate the affected area at a safe distance by erecting a temporary barricade and placing suitable warning signs.

  • The safety monitor always has this document with them to reference the required safety protocols.
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The Board of Directors and the Club Manager have a responsibility to ensure that all employees, contractors and volunteers are made aware of this policy upon induction to create and support a culture that is supportive of responsible alcohol consumption.

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