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The airline's rules vouchers could only be used in the same booking. Surprised that a legacy airline like BA would impose such a policy. To claim a refund for their seat reservations a spokesperson confirmed. You'll need to make your seat selection in your selected flights Now enter all the. Seating Information British Airways. You can checkchange your seat at any time using the Manage My booking tool on bacom Unlike many North American airlines BA does not. But that's not how an airline like British Airways sees it In its view you paid for a seat reservation a reservation it honored. I'm booking pre-paid car rental why can't I request a car seat Reserving your seats Inflatable cushionsbed-box type devices in footrest area. Singapore Airlines is better than British Airways for their seat reservation policy They don't charge for advance seat reservations in business. I did not realize that BA doesn't allow you to pre select your seats until 4.

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